Make Money In Network Marketing - Is That You?


Over 2 years ago I might have shared different information about the people that make money in network marketing.  Today, celebrating 2 years in this industry, I wanted to share what kind of people make money in network marketing and if it is possible for you.




Real Estate Professionals


Let’s start here because I was in the Real Estate lending industry for almost 23 years.  As a professional in that industry helping people secure loans for refinancing, purchasing or building homes and commercial buildings I found that network marketing is similar.


What I mean is that to make money in network marketing requires you take the business seriously.  Just as a professional would in any other industry or career.  However, unlike a professional working for a company or corporation, network marketing is for anyone wanting to build a business, be their own boss and live an entrepreneur lifestyle. 


It was somewhat difficult for me to go from the ‘corporate’ mindset to being my own boss in a network marketing business.  Except most of your good network marketing companies provide training in marketing and team building as well as being able to start selling products and earning an income fairly quickly depending on your dedication, persistence and efforts. 


So any real estate professional that wants an extra income or possibly has always wanted to have their own business, be their own boss and have a more freedom lifestyle would certainly find network marketing to be an excellent option to consider. 




Employees and Workers


People that are earning a paycheck either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and trade time for money and working for someone else that owns the company or corporation have been jumping into the network marketing industry. 


I started right out of high school as an employee for a large corporation.  To tell you the truth I thought that was the ‘way’ to live the American dream.  Go to school, graduate and go to college or get a job.  And work for a company/corporation for 40 years and then retire with pension and other benefits.


Unfortunately, times have really changed over the past 10+ years.  And as unemployment still stays at a high rate today, there is also the down side with many people having their pay cut, hours cut or benefits reduced…more and more people are turning to make money in network marketing.


One of the best things about network marketing is that anyone can get started in this industry with little or no experience. 


However, I have found that it is best if you have some knowledge of business so that when you do enroll with a network marketing company or sponsor, you are aware that this profession is a serious business.


People that take their network marketing business seriously have gone from earning a low hourly wage to making well over what they would make in a year and making that in one month is real possibility in this industry.  That is another reason more and more people are looking to make money in network marketing because of the income potential but also the freedom lifestyle it can provide.




Stay At Home Mom’s


I have noticed that there is a huge number of work from home mom’s that do very well to make money in network marketing.  The stay at home mom’s know how important it is to raise their kids but today’s economy requires most families to have two incomes.


Network marketing has provided not only an avenue for mom’s to earn an income to stay home with their kids but also there is a great selection of companies with products that the stay at home mom’s enjoy selling and building teams of other mom’s.  


From lotions, makeup, clothing, weight loss and nutritional products stay at home mom's enjoy being able to use the product and making money at the same time.  This is a big advantage with network marketing.





Professionals / Part-Timer’s


There are many other groups of people that have seen the value to make money in network marketing.  People like doctors, lawyers, teachers, coaches, other career professionals along with people that are retired using network marketing as a way to build extra income either for their retirement, travel or to transition full time into their network marketing business.


Also part time employees are getting into network marketing businesses to supplement their income and to better their lifestyle.





In closing, it's pretty apparent (wouldn’t you say?) that to make money in network marketing is really for anyone that has a desire to work from home, be their own boss and wanting more freedom.  With the earning potential that the network marketing business can bring to a serious minded entrepreneur, attaining that freedom lifestyle is more than just a possibility.


If you are currently in a network marketing business, let me know in the comments what attracted you to this industry and how it has changed your life?  



Live Life on Your Terms!

Lynn Brown
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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at:

Let me bring you up to date on the franchise style marketing system iPAS2 since my previous post, Franchise Style Marketing System iPAS2 Quick Review. 



Chris Jones, Co-Founder and highly acclaimed internet marketer, launched iPAS2 on September 8, 2014.  It hasn’t even crossed over the 60 day make and is promising to be an amazing system.  You will hear and see some incredible results and success with this Internet Prospect Acceleration System by continuing to read my review.


Before I share what people are experiencing with this iPAS2 system, I would like to point out that this is not for everyone. 


Why?  Well even though systems provide a great way for people to get the work done more quickly and effectively, the human factor is still required.  No matter what business you are in, and especially for network marketers it is imperative to learn the skills of communicating and connecting with your potential customers and clients.



With that said, sales and selling stuff can be automated to do a lot of the tedious and time consuming functions.  This is why the iPAS2 system appears to be so effective.  It has combined the knowledge of Chris Jones and other top industry leaders and marketers to fully understand a success formula that just works! 


Combine that with a system that ‘sells and tells’ for you and literally leads the potential customer or member into a series of videos that are highly informative.  It’s the right kind of information for anyone wanting to start an online business or to expand a current business to make a decision about the iPAS2 system.



Take The 7 Day Trial


Take The 7 Day Trial


This is a no brainer.  When you have the opportunity to test drive anything, take it!  Especially if you are needing to make life changing decisions, you should take the time to test it out first. 

And this iPAS2 system allows you to do exactly that.


Listen carefully to each of the videos inside the iPAS office to determine if starting an online internet business is for you.  Too many people jump into things without knowing enough information.  I feel confident that anyone taking this 7 Day Trial Test Drive will be able to make a sound business decision.



Undeniable Testimonials!


Take The 7 Day Trial


Once on board with the iPAS2 system, the franchise style marketing system takes you step by step in getting everything set up.  People are able to start marketing and getting sales immediately.  The testimonials are proof of this incredible structure.


Members and customers are able to join the private iPAS Mastermind group where people go to share information, add their testimonials and proof of their ongoing success. 





iPAS2 System Updates


There are regular updates, blog posts and videos that are shared with the iPAS2 members and customers on a consistent basis.  Chris Jones and his team are devoted to keeping everyone in the loop about system challenges, updates and new things on the horizon for this platform.


When the franchise style marketing system was launched it had an array of technical problems and mishaps.  But the iPAS2 technical team was on it 24/7 making sure that the down time, if any, was limited.  This proves the dedication Chris and the team has for a system that he is passionate about and worked so long for.  Having that kind of dedication brings a solid feeling of confidence for those using the system.


New updates are coming soon with plans for integrating a mobile app, tv shows for training which will keep things fresh and new along with many other features to enhance the iPAS2 system for even better conversions and results.




Dud or Winner?


In my opinion, this franchise style marketing system, the iPAS2, is a huge WINNER!


The momentum is going and growing…people are having results they have never gotten before online.


Combining a proven sales formula with a powerhouse system is providing thousands of people results and success, some of which have never made a dime online.  That is when you know you have a winner.  Helping everyone that makes a decision to change their life, change their income and make a commitment to their dreams is going to want to give iPAS2 a look.  Try it out and see for yourself!



…You might want to subscribe to my list to get notified of our free trainings, live hangouts and other valuable marketing tips and strategies.


Was this information helpful or do you think it might be valuable for others?  Feel free to leave your comments and share this with others.  


 Empower Your Success...while live your life!

Lynn Brown
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I'm an iPAS2 Black Card member and that is the highest level in the iPAS system.  What that means is that I own all the iPAS and Empower Network products and building a team of highly motivated, success minded people that want to reach at least $10K per month or more, within their first 90 days by leveraging this amazing iPAS2 marketing system.  If that is you...then I look forward to meeting you on the inside!



The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at:


Have you ever wondered why a franchise style business almost never know what I mean right?  Some of the well-known franchises include these 2014 Franchise Top 500 Rankings.





The meaning of franchise includes many of the reasons franchise owner’s can start having success fairly quickly and that is because the owner is following a proven plan. They are operating their business through a step by step formula which has been tweaked to perfection over the years.




However, even though there is a proven formula, set up and process for anyone wanting to get into a franchise style business, there is one big problem for a lot of people…. The COST.


That’s right…the cost of owning your own franchise style business, especially if you are looking to get into any of the top 500 franchises, is too high for most people. 


Fast forward to today and because of the internet and other technology, there are opportunities for people now to consider a franchise style digital network marketing business.  Especially for those looking to work from home, online and living a freedom lifestyle.





Recently, I shared a quick review of a system that me, my team and thousands of other people are using even if you are new to the franchise style digital network marketing business.  This quick review… Franchise Style Marketing System iPAS2 Quick Review


By leveraging the internet, having a proven system and training for even the novice internet marketer, pretty much anyone that wants to start an online business could do so with this business model.  Imagine not having to go through all pain of business start-ups and instead have a ready to go system, online working for you. 


Of course having a franchise style digital network marketing business is not for everyone. 


Just like any other business, offline or online, it requires commitment, dedication and persistence to working, getting results and building success.


Having a trial period is a great way for you at any level of experience of business background to see if this business model is for you.  Building a profitable business takes effort and begins with a decision to get started. 


So the answer to the question, who can have a franchise style digital network marketing business?  Anyone… that is serious and will do the work, whatever it takes to have a successful and profitable business.


Franchise Style Digital Business 7 Day Trial



Live Life on Your Terms!

Lynn Brown
Prosperity iPAS Success Partner
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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at:


Massive Success starts with the Self-Confidence Formula


The self-confidence formula from Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill is a daily reminder and an important factor in having massive success in your business and in your life.



First, you do HAVE the ability to achieve your major definite purpose in life.  Demand and promise to have persistent, continuous action towards having self-confidence.



Second, the dominating thoughts of your mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action and then gradually transform into physical reality.


Therefore, concentrate your thoughts for 30 minutes each day thinking of the person you intend to become and create a clear mental picture of that person.



Third, through the principle of auto-suggestion, any desire you persistently hold in your mind will seek expression for attaining what you want.


Make a commitment to devote 10 minutes daily towards the development of self-confidence.




Fourth, clearly write down a description of your major definite purpose and never stop trying to attain it until you have developed sufficient self-confidence.



Fifth, fully realize that no wealth can long endure unless built upon truth and justice.



Therefore, commit that you will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.  Eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynicism by attracting cooperation of others, your willingness to help others and realize a negative attitude can never bring success.



Finally, commit to the self-confidence formula.


Repeat it each day with full faith that it will gradually influence your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS to become a self-reliant, successful person.



Empower Your Success....while living your life!


Lynn Brown
Prosperity iPAS Success Partner
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Just 3 years ago on Halloween night, the blogging for profit network was put into action.  At first, it appeared to be something that wouldn’t work for the majority of people looking to create income from home on the internet.


To the surprise of many and even doubters today are now taking a second look at what David Wood has created with the Empower Network. 



Empower Network’s mission has always been to become the largest blogging for profit network in the world.  This simply means that our goal has always been (since day one) to get our members more traffic, leads and sales than any other blogging network in existence.


As an independent affiliate and member, I saw the immediate potential of what this platform could provide to help me and others build, grow and have a successful internet marketing business   That is because I was already blogging and learning more about how powerful blogs can be to any business.


In an attempt to crack into the Top 100 most trafficked websites on the planet, Empower Network came pretty close about a year ago.  Reaching the top 200 sites in the world on the internet.  Ranking in the top 160 in the United States.  (Learn more about website ranking by visiting


This wasn’t bad for a 2 year old company, especially when there were over a billion sites on the internet!




Good News:  Blogging For Profit Network


What’s coming in the next few weeks is going to bring back the power of blogging and refocusing on our Viral Blogging System.



Here’s the interesting part… We were not even set up correctly as a Viral Blogging System.  In other words, there were some pieces to the puzzle that were not fully optimized for ranking in all the search engines. 



YET… Empower Network still managed to become the #1 MOST TRAFFICKED ONLINE MARKETING COMMUNITY in the world!



Creating more success stories than any other internet or network marketing team online.  Having more people paying off their bills, getting out of debt and taking back total control of their finances, their freedom and living life on their terms than any other group of home based business entrepreneurs on the internet!


Now turning 3 years old, Empower Network is about to release their Viral Blogging System 3.0 or simply ENV3.0.  So once again we are at the dawn of a NEW era, as the missing piece of the puzzle has been solved. 


And not just any piece to the puzzle. 



A TREMENDOUS piece to the Organic Traffic Puzzle that has the potential to get ANYONE blogging on Empower Network 3.0... blogging for profit network.  Enjoying more traffic, more leads and more sales than ever before!



For the first time ever, Empower Network’s brief, but massively successful history, putting in place THE piece that is going to break even its own record!  Using the secret weapon that has been quietly creating fortunes for people all of the world on the internet.




Many people are already hearing the ‘buzz’ and wondering if they can return or how they can be sure to be able to access this powerful blogging for profit network platform.  And most will still stay on the sidelines looking in, waiting and then will be kicking themselves for not taking action… I promise!







So what can you do to position yourself, get a running start and be a part of history?



Position yourself wisely with us today by taking time to see the exact system to make it even easier for you to make more money with the Empower Network profit maximizers.  This brand new front end marketing system is helping thousands of members, even with little or no marketing experience. 



That’s because this ‘franchise style’ online business model and sales formula is being called the iPhone of the internet marketing industry.  And it’s being called that for a reason.



Super simple… Easy to use… PLUS it’s duplicating like wildfire by our members all around the world!  You can set up a trial membership and get started right now.




Empower Your Success....while living your life!

Lynn Brown
Prosperity iPAS Success Partner
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The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at:

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