Banners Ads have been around a long time, are used for online marketing and is a lower cost traffic channel option to building leads. 


Part of becoming a successful entrepreneur requires continuing growth and knowledge to improve our business for greater success.  So let's talk banner ads! 



After going through the first few modules of the Internet Traffic Formula, Vick introduced 'Penny Traffic' which included banner ads.  Knowing about different traffic channels will help you diversify your marketing efforts.  And I had always heard about banner ads but they seemed too difficult and I just didn't understand them.


Until now!

If I would have had this training and information about banner ads, I would have done them a long time ago.  So today, I'm showing you how I stepped out of the box and am testing out some banner ads.


 Example Banner Ad

What about you?  Let me know if you have used or are using banner ads for marketing your business by sharing your comments below or over on my facebook page.  Feel free to share this with others if you think they would gain value from this.

OH.... and I will be coming back with a 'how to' video on creating your own banner ads using PowerPoint.  Stay tuned!


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There I was, just ordered my favorite drink and sandwich from my favorite coffee shop in the drive thru when I noticed the car in front had a license plate (not going to give the full LicName) that had the word "WIN" in it. 

So I wondered if she could be in the home business industry (because the rest of the license plate name indicated it) and actually was going to get out of my car and go talk to her.  But then the line started moving.

I got up to the window to get my drink and when I was holding out the money to pay for it.... the guy said 'no, your drink is free... the lady in front of you paid for it!'... 

I thought how awesome it was, that was really kind and unexpected. So it made me think of 'random acts of kindness'.

Well today I went to get my favorite drink, in the drive thru and I saw there was someone behind me... I got up to the window paid for my drink... and said 'you know, I want to pay for the person behind me'... the guy said... 'wow another random act of kindness' and I looked surprised, and said yes you got that right!

Very cool... now, I know it isn't a big deal but if we all did a random act of kindness every day, not that you have to pay for things, but help someone with their groceries or whatever... think of how we could really affect a change in our day, in our life, in our world!


I share this to inspire and motivate but I bet you have an experience or story you can share that relates to random act of kindness, so leave your comments below or share them over on my facebook.

And hope you are having an awesome day!


Empower your Success...while living your life!

Lynn Brown with my amazing hubby Dennis!
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I Help Anyone In Any Business At Any Level Of Experience Create
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...my personal tribute to David Sharpe


You know it’s not every day that you meet someone that you can actually say they profoundly impacted your life in so many ways.  Well, the myth, the mentor, the man David Sharpe is that person!


Today we listened as he spoke to our community about the new journey he is about to embark on.  While it was very sad for me and many others, we also know that David Sharpe must focus on a different part of his life, which actually is to save his life.



Some may already know while others may not, David Sharpe’s story has been so inspirational to not only me but for hundreds of thousands of people he touched.  He lived a hard life battling drugs and alcohol.  Fortunately, he came around and with help from his family, he decided it was time to change.


Dave battled through and he announced today that he was more than 6 years sober.  While he celebrates that victory he now faces a different battle and one that is serious to his health. 


I have a huge amount of respect, admiration and appreciation for his endless passion for helping people battle their forces of evil to overcome and live a life of freedom. 


Together he and David Wood formed the company, Empower Network.  Their vision has always and still is the same.  Wanting to help as many people as they can achieve greater success like they have never achieved before.  To live a life of complete freedom, live life on your terms and not someone else’s.  They battled many obstacles and today, the company and the leadership is just as strong if not stronger to triumph and continue to grow bigger and better.



My heart is heavy, but understand that he must now focus on himself, to get healthy, strong and be able to live his life to the fullest.  So I know he has a huge support system with his fiancée, Erin, his daughter, his parents and all his friends and now the entire Empower Network family and community.


We pledge to support you David during his time to take care of himself and know that while he is stepping down, he will always be a part of everyone he touched.  He worked so hard for me and our community so we could learn, grow and live that life of freedom.


I personally met David at two separate events, and he was always kind and willing to lift you up with just a few supportive words that helped me push forward.  When he spoke at the last event in Miami, he was empowering and so enthusiastic to be able to ‘move’ people in believing who we are and where we want to go. 


With that he left us with this…. Always remember….


David Sharpe we love you and support you through your toughest journey yet.



Empower your Success.....while living your Life!

Lynn Brown with my amazing hubby Dennis
Austin, TX event 2013



The following was taken from a recent Live hangout hosted by Josh Shoenly....

Freedom Simplified

The topic of this is freedom simplified. Freedom simplified, and I’ve got some really good stuff I want to share with you. I know the attendance is going to climb as we go, because I literally just decided to do this about 45 minutes ago. I don’t know, I got this thing in my head; it was like, this is something that I need to be talking to you guys about because it’s important. It’s important stuff, right?


So here’s an important lesson for all of you, is that money follows speed. Money follows speed, right? I made a decision quickly, I got this idea in my head and I made a decision. I wasn’t going to wait till tomorrow to do it. I wasn’t going to wait till next week to do this. I’m going to do it right now, and 45 minutes later, we’re on this right now.



Here’s the deal: my name is Josh Schoenly. Some of you know me; many of you don’t, and that’s fine. You’re going to get to know me throughout this, because I’m going to be sharing some stories about how I’ve been able to create freedom and how you can too. I’ve got some really good stuff planned.


I’m going to get right to it, because what’s going to happen here is as I reveal some things to you, like I said, I’m going to share some stories that will help you and that will help you understand why I’m sharing this information with you.


So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m actually going to take this idea of freedom and I’m going to break it down into two equations or formulas. The first one we’re going to talk about is more of putting this idea into context.


I like to do this on these Hangouts. I like to give you context and then content, because the more that I’ve done these – and I’ve been doing Hangouts and webinars for years – the more I’ve done this kind of stuff, the more I realize that while everybody wants the content, if you don’t have context, the content won’t be – you won’t get as much out of it, and you won’t have as much reason or belief that the content works.


So I want to give you context first, and then I want to give you content.  We’re going to do two different formulas.



Freedom Starts With A Dream


We’re going to start with context. Freedom, really, starts with a dream. Now, for me, my dream of freedom, entrepreneurial freedom, started when I read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. At the time – and this is, gosh, 10 or more years now – at the time, I was teaching. I was a gym teacher. I sort of started to get the entrepreneurial bug a little bit, and then I remember very distinctly, my mother- and father-in-law’s friend told me to read this book, and it’s as if my head exploded.


I started to realize that while teaching is a passion for me, which is one of the reasons why I’m doing this now – it still is a passion, and it still is my passion, teaching and coaching; I just do it in a different way than I do it now – what it made me realize was that I would never achieve freedom by teaching, by having my salary, my wage set by someone else, in perpetuity, like for as long as I did that.


So I started to get this dream, but I wasn’t real clear on the dream; I just started to get the idea that there was a better way, that you could create freedom by being an entrepreneur. So I got this idea , but I wasn’t real clear and what happened is, I struggled as an entrepreneur for years.



I don’t know, six, seven, eight years. I struggled as a real estate investor. I did okay, and then I crashed and burned horribly. I tried a whole bunch of network marketing and MLMs. I tried other business ventures. Nothing really ever stuck, because I didn’t have a clear dream and a clear vision.


But then I read a book – 4-Hour Work Week. And it’s as if my head exploded again. Here’s this guy, talking about building an internet-based business that you could work a couple hours a week that would allow you to have freedom to do whatever you wanted. In the book, he’s talking about all kinds of crazy stuff that he did, but for me, freedom for me was just to be able to hang out with my family when I wanted, to be able to go on vacation when I wanted.


I didn’t want to be necessarily a vagabond or anything, but for some of you watching this, maybe you do want to do that. Maybe freedom to you means traveling the countryside.


Getting Clear On What You Want

Whatever it means for you, that’s what this opened me up to, and it made my dream and my vision clear. I got clear that this is what I wanted. I wanted a home-based, internet-based business that I could work a couple hours a day and would create freedom, would give me the amount of money that would create freedom for me and my family.



Once I got clear on that, and I got the right vehicle – because that’s the second part of this first equation, this context – once I got clear on my dream and I found the right vehicle, I was able to do that.


But I’m going to take it a step further, because just somewhat recently, my dream has changed again and my vision has changed again, because now that I’ve been able to create freedom for me, my vision has gotten a lot bigger, and it includes you watching this right now, because regardless of who invited you tonight...


My vision is to help you create that same level of freedom.


But there’s a problem – or there was a problem, but there’s no problem anymore. The problem was, when my vision was just for me to create freedom, the vehicle I was using was not a vehicle that I could give to you watching this. It’s not something that I could give to you and know that if you just followed directions and took action, you could create freedom.



So the more I wrestled with and expanded my vision, the more I was looking for the right vehicle to do that. I’m going to talk to you more about what that is, but I just want you to know that I found it, and we’ve got it here for you. So if freedom is what you’re looking for, we’ve got the vehicle for you.



Tell me some things you may have learned from Josh as he shares his insight on freedom simplified.  Leave your comments below and I will be back to share the rest of his presentation that I hope will inspire, motivate and give you value for you, your business and your freedom!


Empower your Success...while living your life!

Lynn Brown with my amazing hubby Dennis!
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I Help Anyone In Any Business At Any Level Of Experience Create
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